All services are offered based on prior appointment AND its confirmation.

For the efficiency and safety of the therapy, some services cannot be offered „remote”.

For psychotherapy, those are the ones requiring the direct contact with the therapist or with another mental health professional:

  • Clients below 18 yo.
  • Clients with substances addiction.
  • Clients with severe personality disorders.
  • Clients under anti-psychotic pharmacological treatment.

For nutrition and psycho-nutrition, the initial evaluation requires a clinical exam and specific measurements.

For the above situations, if you cannot access one of the partner clinics in Bucharest, I will try to refer you to a Professional in your area.

In some cases, an additional medical evaluation is absolutely needed – I will try to recommend the best possible alternative of a professional or a clinic. This  evaluations are needed for diagnostic and therapeutical purposes, the nutritional, psychotheraputical or psychonutritional one being synergic and complimentary to the medical one.

In exceptional cases, based on client’s argumentative request, the session’s duration can be modified based on mutual agreement, if this can increase the therapy’s efficiency.

Clients under 18 yo need a prior written approval from parents or legal representatives.