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Doctordan.ro, through the services offered may help your decisions concerning your physical and mental health. The medical information offered cannot replace a medical consult which can be offered only by a physician in a clinical setting. The services provided by doctordan.ro are not to be used in a medical emergency. At your request, the doctordan.ro specialist may co-operate with your family doctor or with another medical professional for improving or restoring your health, through facilitation of a complete medical consult, getting a medical diagnosis and the proper treatment.

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Personal data refers to information that may identify you (name, date of birth, email address, postal address)

Doctordan.ro respects the international and Romanian standards and laws protecting the privacy of the users.

For the optimal function of the therapeutical process, it is possible that personal data might be requested (medical data apply). Making those (copies of the lab tests, ultrasound or Xray reports, other tests’ results) available in written or electronic format represents your explicit consent for my access to the data during the therapeutical intervention (nutrition consults or psychotherapy sessions). The data and the personal information will be used exclusively for the purpose for which they have been requested, for example clinical and nutritional status evaluation, other evaluations needed during the therapy sessions, monitoring of the treatment etc. The data are governed by the professional confidentiality, will be kept secured during the consult and the therapy sessions and will be destroyed immediately afterwards.
We assure you that no one else than your doctor will ever have access to your name as a patient, to the history of the appointments or to other information shared with the healthcare professional, Dr. Dan Malciolu. The doctor-patient confidentiality is preserved at all times.

GDPR regulations apply to all EU States but cannot supersede the national laws which apply to recording of personal data in the financial documents. For example, according to the Romanian laws, personal data such as first and last name, personal identification number, address, ID serial and number are required on the financial documents (invoices, receipts) and are to be kept up to 10 years after being issued. In this particular situation, data cannot be erased, even with a written request from the owner of such data.


Doctordan.ro is totally against spam

Spam is defined as sending of unsolicited emails, frequently of commercial nature, cu high repetition, to a receiver who has not requested them.

With your permission, doctordan.ro may send you electronic information, offering you the possibility to choose if you want to receive the messages or not.

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