About Psycho-Nutrition or A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

This unique approach combines Nutrition with Psychotherapy, starting from the ideea that you cannot separate the two.

For most of us, the way we eat (what, when and how) represents more than a simple feeding behavior. Deep inside there are thoughts and emotions strongly associated with the food and the eating behavior, frequently floating at the subconscious level.

The personal experience with my clients proved that many of the food-related problems (eating habits, unhealthy weight, distorted body image, altered self-esteem, compulsive eating, food addictions, etc) should not be treated through a simple nutritional approach, due to their potential emotional background.

Because many types of eating behaviors are interlaced with the psycho-emotional aspects of the individual, a full evaluation of the personal needs becomes a complex and sensitive task. Therefore, through Psycho-Nutrition we’ll work together  to understand WHY you eat the way you are, WHY some diets reached no results, HOW do your body and mind function related to food, WHEN did you start to have problems, WHEN and HOW to start to address them.

Some of us compensate through food an inner emptiness given by the lack of significant relationships, filled with content and mutual rewarding. Some others choose, consciously and unconsciously to ignore their own needs, devoting themselves to others. Frequently the feeding act is reduced to a simple reflex, of compensating anxiety, frustration, anger, lack of control, leading to a profound confusion between the biological hunger and the psychological one.

The positive conditioning will be a frequent methods used during our interactions, and in-between them, the strengthening of the positive behaviors becoming one of your homeworks in between our sessions. The road travelled together will involve self-discovery exercises, destructuring of the eating behavior and then its restructuring process based on new models, adequate to each individual, discovery of the mental associations between eating, thoughts and emotions, identification of the personal and interpersonal effects of eating and its symbols.

Each client’s needs are unique, and so, each therapy plan will be. The therapy’s objectives will be centered on “dissecting” the eating behavior, followed by its restructuring and maintenance of the behavioral changes. The enhancement of motivation and empowering the self-control will guide us along the nutritional journey.