Dr.Dan Malciolu

The dream of becoming a doctor has crystallized in the early childhood and never left me since.

The professional path placed me in direct contact with what means the nutrition for the individual, but also for the family or the social group. My professionals skills within the field of nutrition have been polished under the guidance of the illustrious doctors Prof. Dr. Sebastian Dumitrache and Prof. Dr. Constantin Dumitrescu, and that reached the top qualification of primary MD in 1999.

The international exposure in Nutrition started in 1992 with a WHO Nutrition Summer School, followed by 2 trainings at Karolinska University in Stockholm.

In parallel I started to work for US Peace Corps, an US Government Agency, being responsible as Medical Officer for all that was required for the physical and mental health for more than 1000 American volunteers. So I have become familiar with the US Standards of Medical Practice, including the utmost respect for the individual and his or her privacy and confidentiality, the right of being completely informed about all that is related to his/her own health. I have discovered later that a great deal of the hours spent with my clients meant listening and hearing, understanding, counseling, empathy, respect and building of strong partnerships. My training as a cognitive-behavioral therapist took place within ARTCC (2003-2007), under the guidance of my mentors, Dr. Radu Teodorescu, Psychiatrist and Mugur Daniel Ciumageanu, Clinical Psychologist. Under their guidance through thoughts, emotions and behaviors I really understood how much I can do for the clients, in the moments of need so frequent in one’s life, from a professional dead-end or a depression to anxiety disorders or the anguish caused by a divorce.

The mixing of the nutritional approach with the psychotherapeutical one was a natural outcome, beneficial and efficient in treating various aspects related to one’s lifestyle and all that is involved, from the timing of meals, quantity and composition of food, to the level of association between the food and our own feelings and behaviors, positive or negative. Validation of the approach was given by time and client’s feedback, including the one from the clinics where I consult now.

My professional success was built on the basis mentioned above, attested by the testimonials of all those who were my patients at one time.